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Weatherproof / Industrial Loudspeaker - Star W

The FHF Star W series of industrial loudspeakers was developed for acoustic signaling, emergency communications and speech transmission in rugged environments and hazardous areas. These industrial loudspeakers also carry a weatherproof rating of IP66. The weatherproof housing is made of a corrosion-resistant thermoplastic, providing excellent protection in industrial environments.

Weatherproof Loudspeaker with 100V transmission technology for use in PA or Intercom systems 
Housing: Plastic, all metal parts made vy stainless steel (V4A) 
Different output stages selectable 
Transmission range: 230 – max. 10.000 Hz 
Available as 15 or 25 Watts version

Industrial loudspeaker

Weatherproof / Industrial Loudspeaker - Star P

The P0654 and P2554 industrial loudspeakers are suited for providing music and speech indoors and outdoors. Manufactured in grey or black plastic, the ABS housing is self-extinguishing, boasting IP 54 and a swing/tilt bracket. The delivery includes a matching transformer and 1.5 m of cable, fasteners and a matching highpass filter.

The P1566 and P2566 waterproof loudspeakers were developed especially for use in areas endangered by water jetting. The M20 cable glands protect against ingress of powerful water jetting. After cleaning, water can escape through an additional bore in the pressure chamber. Likewise, the horn is equipped with a matching high-pass filter

industrial loudspeaker

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