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FHF KS - Mini Industrial Alarm Siren
KS - Weatherproof Industrial Siren
This small siren is used as a weatherproof alarm siren or signalling device. Due to the
high volume & penetrating wail of the siren, its ideal for noisy environments. The mounting bracket allows cable entry from both behind or from surface mounted wiring.

  • Penetrating sound
  • Continuous operation with 24v DC,
  • Short-time operation 30 min. with 230v AC
  • Simple installation
  • Protection degree IP 44.
  • Industrial Alarm Siren for Sale

    FHF Weatherproof Sirens - Industrial Motor Sirens
    These weatherproof sirens are suitable as alarm, warning or signalling sirens. They generate an unmistakable & penetrating noise. The high volume of the wail and its 360 degree directivity ensure it is heard over a large area. Used with the weatherproof protection cover available as optional extra, they are suitable for outdoor use. Weatherproof sirens with all voltages and frequencies as well as volume ranges from 110 dba upto 123 dba are available upon request . 
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    Industrial Weatherprooof Siren

    Weatherproof / Industrial Pnuematic Horn
    Pneumatic horns are used wherever extremely loud signals are required and there is no power supply available. One possible application is in railway track construction to warn personnel of approaching trains. Since the signal has to travel long distances, the maximum volume of the PH1 pneumatic horn is approx. 135 dB(A).

    Sturdy, corrosion-resistant construction for operation with compressed air or gases. The pressure needed ranges from 2 to 5 bar. The air consumption at standard setup is approx. 5 litres/second. The scope of supply includes an air filter and a fastening angle. Not included are leads and threads. Magnetic valves are available as accessories for electric switching on of the device.
    Pnuematic Horn - Weatherproof Pnuematic Horn

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